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Expert examination

Expert services

We provide various expert services. If you are interested in obtaining expert services at a decent, high level – our company can offer you high-quality assistance from our specialists. We carry out an economic examination, which is being developed by experienced specialists with a thorough knowledge of the economy. If this expertise is done for the enterprise, it includes research and study of the company’s activity, analyzes the process of formation of financial indicators for already carried out operations. Also, the list of our services is the creation of construction and technical expertise. It is surely known that for the successful conduct of construction and technical expertise, it is important to take into account the customer’s request. That’s the way we do all our expertise – in accordance with the current legislation and existing rules, and taking into account every wish of our client. It is obvious that during the construction or any operations with land plots land-technical and appraisal-land expertise, made by experts in their work, is required. It is such professionals that we carry out similar types of work with the participation of leading land surveyors and experts in the land code.

Expert services

Our company also carries out auto-examination examinations, automotive engineering experts and commodity expertise. In addition to the foregoing, we also carry out a fire-technical examination, the correctness of which corresponds to our most experienced specialists, who understand that their work depends on the lives of many people. Professional psychologists are working on creating a psychological examination in our company, and on the expertise of computer technology and software products, there are real connoisseurs of electronic technologies, which are in step with time and are understood in all computer technology. We also provide services for expertise in the field of intellectual activity. In our state there are even people who can conduct psychophysiological surveys on a polygraph (a lie detector).


Expert services

  • Economic expert analysis;
  • Construction and technical expertise;
  • Land-technical, land appraisals expertise;
  • Expertise of the market value of motor vehicles;
  • Expertise of the circumstances and the culprit of road accident;
  • Expertise of commodity quality and its compliance with existing standards;
  • Fire-technical expertise;
  • Psychological examination;
  • Examination of intellectual property;
  • Expertise of computer equipment and software products;
  • Psychophysiological examination on a polygraph (lie detector).

Security Legal Fire Services

Reputation of the company “SAFETY CODE/KODEKS BEZPEKY” have a top priority in our activity.


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