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Legal services

Legal services

You can be sure of contacting us for lawyers and legal services. We guarantee you a professional approach in many ways. Our experienced specialists will gladly help you with legal support of business and legal support of business entities. We always provide quality legal support to our clients.
We also deal with the registration of enterprises in Ukraine and abroad, because the main factor in the successful existence of the company is legitimacy. Our organization will help protect your intellectual activity, protect the trademark from illegal use and copying – by registering a copyright and registration of a trademark. The list of our services also includes registration of foreign investments in Ukraine.

Legal services

Our specialists have a great and successful experience in legal services for foreigners, business support and personalized “turnkey” issues. Specialists will also help you to solve your questions on: tax law, commercial law, contract law, corporate law, civil law and international law. We help to become the winner in all disputes: with insurance companies, labor disputes, inheritance disputes, housing disputes, disputes with authorities, and even contribute to the resolution of family disputes. When you contact us for help, you can also get professional legal and advocacy support in matters of debt collection. We offer you the help of highly qualified lawyers, in particular advocates for road accidents and lawyers in criminal proceedings.
You can also apply for services for legal entities, outsourcing services (subscriber legal services) and outsourcing for parents. The services of our company include legal support in the event of bankruptcy and restructuring, financial advisory services and ProBono services.
A separate branch in which we provide assistance is the legal support of investment and construction.
In our company you can get professional professional translations from a foreign language. We translate legal documents and certify them notarially. All these services are provided exclusively on a high level, as we take care of our reputation and carry out an individual approach to each client.

Kodeks Bezpeky

  • Legal support of business entities;
  • Registration of companies (including abroad);
  • Copyright, trademark registration;
  • Registration of foreign investments in Ukraine;
  • Legal services for foreigners, turnkey business and individual support;
  • TAX law, COMMERCIAL law;
  • Contract law, international law;
  • Disputes with insurance companies;
  • Family disputes;
  • Inheritance disputes;
  • Disputes with authorities;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Debt collection;
  • Car accident lawyer;
  • Lawyer in criminal proceedings;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Services for legal entities, outsourcing services (customer support legal services);
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring;
  • Housing disputes, civil law;
  • Legal support of investment and construction;
  • Dealing with the sea and river transport. Freighting (chartering) of vessels.
  • Outsourcing for banks;
  • Financial consultations;
  • Pro bono services;
  • Expert professional foreign language translations of legal documents and their notarization;

Security Legal Fire Services

Reputation of the company “SAFETY CODE/KODEKS BEZPEKY” have a top priority in our activity.


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