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Security services

The security

The security of any organization is one of the most important factors in its successful existence. The same applies to various buildings and complexes. Without quality protection, the safety of the building and the people in it, are always in danger. If you want to protect yourself, your loved ones or your property – you have got to the right place.

The security

Our company provides a huge range of security services. We are engaged in the protection of any objects and enterprises of all forms of property and complexity. Also, the list of our services includes the protection of individuals, in particular personal protection (possibly with a translator or consultant) and the protection of legal entities. Our company provides services for the protection of various types of mass events, and is ready to fully ensure their peaceful conduct. Also, at a high professional level, we are engaged in the protection of shopping and entertainment complexes, taking into account the construction of the complex and its location, we carefully elaborate a quality plan for the protection of the object outside and inside. We protect cargo and storage facilities. We carry out the protection of banking institutions and the security of offices with the latest technology.

In implementing successful security activities, our own rapid response teams are assisted in constant training and can at any time be able to quickly come to the aid and solve all extraordinary situations.

We pay special attention to the protection of open territories and the protection of construction sites, which are carried out only on an individual approach and in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Also, our company is engaged in the protection of residential blocks and cottage towns.
We offer you: high-quality systems of controlled access (SKD), video surveillance and signaling, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, anti-market security measures for internal security, remote control and DATA-Center (remotely responsible storage and protection of your electronic, server information.
We also deal with legal and economic support of business, internal audit and consulting.

Kodeks Bezpeky

  • Protection of objects and enterprises of all forms of ownership and complexity;
  • Protection of legal entities and natural persons (personal protection, including with the translator, consultant);
  • Protection of public events;
  • Protection of shopping and entertainment malls;
  • Cargo protection;
  • Protection of banking institutions, office premises and storage;
  • OWN rapid action teams;
  • Protection of open areas, residential districts, building areas, cottage villages;

Security Legal Fire Services

Reputation of the company “SAFETY CODE/KODEKS BEZPEKY” have a top priority in our activity.


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